Nordlige-Norden Gets Reindeer Meat..

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Nordlige NordenLots of Chefs from the Copenhagen Hospitality College got their hands on reindeer meat in Copenhagen for the opening of the Nordlige Norden Arctic Food festival which started today. The reindeer meat was delivered by ICR and the next three days will see thousands of people pass through centre of Copenhagen sampling excellent Arctic food and of course reindeer meat in a lavvu. The event is connected to the EALLU project. Some pictures below, more pictures to follow.

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Arctic Food, Young Sámi Chefs: Nordlige Norden in Copenhagen Today

Young Sámi chefs with the Director of the  Copenhagen Hospitality School  Søren Huhlwein Kristiansen   From left: Ellen Karen Anna Sara,  Maret Ravdna Buljo, Jon Mikkel Eira, and Nils Christian KemiThis year, Denmark is the Chair of the Nordic Council and one of the events to commemorate this is ‘Nordlige Norden‘, a gastronomic tour of the Arctic, taking place in the heart of Copenhagen – as the organisers put it, ‘it may be the only Arctic adventure you ever go on’. After all, often the best memories we have from our travels are related to food.

We hear a lot about the ‘resources’ in the Arctic – oil, gas, minerals; but not so much about the people and the wonderful food – resources that are sustainable, valuable and the preparation of which is full of specific knowledge. Food including reindeer of course! Nordlige -Norden is a celebration of this resource – and it starts today, running until Saturday evening. The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry is taking part and has erected a lavvu in Nikolaj Plads and thousands are expected to attend. ICR’s participation is linked into the Arctic Council EALLU project (traditional knowledge, food culture and adaptation to climate change) and the local partner in Copenhagen is the Copenhagen Hospitality College. Below are pictured young Sámi chefs with the Director of the College Søren Huhlwein Kristiansen.

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26 hours & 2010 km driving, ICR team from Kautokeino arrive in Copenhagen.

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Issat Turi and Mikkel Anders Kemi from ICR  arrived at Hotel og Restaurantskolen in Copenhagen today driving for 26hours and 2010 km from Kautokeino.  The reason is the new Arctic Council project EALLU: Arctic Indigenous Youth, Climate Change and Food Culture, which ICR and WRH is carrying out together with the Saami Council, Norway and the USA.   In March this year  the Arctic Indigenous Peoples Culinary Institute was established in Kautokeino as part of the EALLU project, therefore Issat and Mikkel Anders brought with them Arctic  raw materials of very high quality from Kautokeino, Finnmark to be present at the Nordlige Norden Food Festival 28 -30 mai in Nikolai place in Copenhagen. The festival is being organized in Copenhagen as Denmark is the Chair of the Nordic Council  in 2015.  

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ICR har startet reisen til Nordisk matfestival i København

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ICR og WRH leder et nytt Arktisk råds prosjekt EALLU: Arktisk urfolksungdom, klimaforandringer og matkultur.  ICR  vil i samarbeid med prosjektet Nordlige Norden, Hotel og Restaurantskolen i København, Samisk Vidregående skole og reindriftskole i Kautokeino og Thon Hotel Kautokeino samle det bedste av  Samisk matkultur i København til mat, kunnskap og opplevelsesfestival  28 -30 Mai.  Festivalen er en del av flere nordiske matarrangementer  i Danmark, da Danmark i 2015 har formandskabet for Nordisk Ministerråd. Vi venter 10 000 deltagere til  matfestivalen Nordlige Norden på  Nikolajs plass midt i København. I dag startet Issat Turi og Mikkel Anders Kemi fra ICR  den lange kjøreturen fra Kautokeino med reinskinn, lavvu og formidlingsmateriale  til Københaven. Vår delegasjon består av 18 deltagere.  Målet å øke synligheten om  Samisk matkultur og kunnskapsgrunnlaget som ligger til grunn for denne kulturen gjennom matlaging,  formidling og seminarer. Velkommen!!!

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Local knowledge and resource management – ICR in Nordic Council of Ministers publication,

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On the use of indigenous and local knowledge to document and manage natural resources

Local knowledge

Knowledge Co-Production between NASA and Reindeer Herders across the Arctic

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ANancy Maynard, Mikhail Pogodaev few years ago, UNU (United Nations University) filmed a short interview with the Executive Chair of the Association of World Reindeer Herders Mikhail Pogodaev and Nancy Maynard of NASA, after they presented a joint paper entitled “Sami Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and NASA Remote Sensing Technologies Working Together for Adaptation Strategies” at an international workshop on Indigenous Peoples, Marginalized Populations and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation and Traditional Knowledge convened in Mexico City, Mexico. You can now watch the interview online (see below) and you can download the presentation here.

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EALÁT – People & Reindeer in a Changing Climate – Now Watch on Youtube

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Johan Mathis TuriOne of the deliveries of the Arctic Council SDWG project EALÁT Information was the creation of a 30 minute documentary entitled “EALÁT – People and Reindeer in a Changing Climate’ which gave a broad overview of the various work packages of the EALÁT scientific project and in addition the community workshops held with herders across Eurasia to discuss climate change and traditional knowledge. You can now watch the whole documentary on You Tube here. The documentary was created by the Interntional Centre for Reindeer Husbandry.

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Arctic Ungulate Conference: Abstracts Wanted!

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AUC 2015(Taken from the Arctic Ungulate Conference (AUC) website). The AUC is an international conference held every four years. The UNESCO world heritage site at Røros in Norway will be the host for the upcoming AUC in August 2015.
The arctic and northern areas are facing great social-ecological changes by ongoing industrial developments and global climate change. These rapid changes creates great concerns for conservation of biological resources and the important human cultures found alongside reindeer and caribou. The conference will focus on how we best can meet these challenges and improve the interface between science and policy making through state of the art examples from both management and science on arctic ungulates. The theme of the conference – “the past, the present and the future” – allows us to look back at the 2nd Reindeer and Caribou Symposium held in Røros in 1979, and to highlight the evolution of research and management as well as identify the most appropriate future research and management directions. The scientific programme will focus on the following main four themes:

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Loss of Pastures: Balsfjord Power Line Gets Final Approval

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Last week the Balsfjord to Hammerfest power line received final approval from the Norwegian government (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy). Construction can now begin. This is a major investment by Statnett (3-4 billion NOK) in a 420 Kv power line that will be 360 km long, 40 metres wide and cross 8 municipalities (Statnett).

Balsfjord power line

The route of the Balsfjord power line. Source:

It will cross 30 reindeer herding districts in northern Norway and have dramatic impacts on some districts, according to herders. Herders have been vociferous in their opposition to the project and have asked for it either shelved or that significant route alterations be undertaken, or that areas critically effected could have submarine/underground construction.

Acting Head of NRL, Per John Anti believes the consequences for reindeer herding in the area will be negative.

It will particularly impact on calving country. Research shows that the reindeer avoids areas from one to four kilometers from the disturbance, particularly females with calves. This causes pressure in other areas of these regions.

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In English: May. In Sámi: Miessemánu, or Reindeer Calf Month.

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Miessemánu: In northern Sami language, the month of May is called Miessemánu, or ‘reindeer calf month’, and it is this time of year that the cycle of life continues in the world of reindeer herding. For reindeer and herders life starts anew across the Sami area, as reindeer are not only giving birth to new calves but they are on the move, most particularly in Norway and Sweden.

A newborn reindeer calf runs alongside its mother on the Nadym Tundra. Yamal, Western Siberia, Russia.  © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

A newborn reindeer calf runs alongside its mother on the Nadym Tundra. Yamal, Western Siberia, Russia. © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

In many districts, it is time to leave the winter pastures and travel overland to the summer pastures and Reindeer and their herders are travelling over ancient and well worn migratory paths often to the coast, mainly by walking, sometimes by boat, and occasionally by truck to reach their summer pastures. It is also a dangerous time for reindeer – predators are on the move too, and reindeer calves are food for lynx, wolverine, eagles and some bears and wolves. Many herders lose as many as half of the calves born to their animals, so it is a time for whole families to take part in watching and moving with the herd.

So here’s to Miessemánu, travel safe, arrive alive..