Watch ICR Director Address to Arctic Frontiers

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The entire Arctic Frontiers conference is streamed onto the web. Here you can watch ICR Director Anders Oskal keynote presentation to the  conference on Tuesday, January 17. Scroll to 1:40:13

Anders Oskal @ Arctic Frontiers

Chilangarov Meets Reindeer Herding Youth, EALLIN

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At the recent EALLIN Executive Summary Release event held at the Arctic Frontiers meeting in Tromso, young reindeer herders had the chance to meet with and discuss with the renowned Artur Chilingarov, the First Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society, Special Envoy on Arctic and Antarctic affairs for the President of the Russian Federation, Hero of USSR and the Russian Federation. They discussed the Arctic Council EALLIN project and challenges facing today by young reindeer herders. Artur Chilingarov was a key-note speaker at the Arctic Frontiers conference

Artur Chiliangarov meets with WRH and UArctic EALAT Institute youth

Artur Chiliangarov meets with WRH and UArctic EALAT Institute youth


TV Coverage of EALLIN Launch at Arctic Frontiers

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TV 2 featured two pieces on the launch of the EALLIN Executive Summary with Prince Albert on Monday, at the Arctic Frontiers conference which is being held in Tromso.

One story interviewed Prince Albert and why he was interested in supporting young indigenous peoples and the other a longer interview with ICR Director, Anders Oskal. You can download the EALLIN Executive Summary here

TV 2 Screenshot #1


TV 2 Screenshot # 2

EALLIN Release Event with Prince Albert at Arctic Frontiers

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EALLIN Front PageThe EALLIN Executive Summary is launched today (Monday January 19) at a special event organised by UArctic within the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromso  with HSH Prince Albert of Monaco. Prince Albert, though his foundation has been a supporter and follower of the EALLIN project since its inception. The launch will coincide with the annual Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromso and is organized in collaboration with the UArctic. EALLIN is an Arctic Council (Sustainable Development Working Group) project of the Russian Federation and Norway in partnership with the Sámi Council, UArctic and others. EALLIN is led and implemented by the Association of World Reindeer Herders in cooperation with the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry.

Prince Albert meets with WRH & ICR

Johan Mathis Turi (WRH) Mikhail Pogodaev (WRH), HSH Prince Albert, Inger Anita Smuk (ICR) and Anders Oskal (ICR)



Many young reindeer herders who have participated in the EALLIN project over the past 3 years will be present for the launch which will be one of the key events attended by Prince Albert in his short stay in Tromso. Prince Albert will have the opportunity to dialogue with Reindeer Herding Youth at a specially constructed lavvu which has been erected for this purpose.

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Seasons Greetings To All Friends of Reindeer Herding!

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ICR WRH Card 2015

To all our friends and colleagues – wishing you the very best for this holiday season and that you have a healthy and successful 2015

Effects of Reindeer Grazing on the Tundra Examined

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Maria Vaisanen Phd

Grazing by reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.) affects vegetation and soil microbial processes in tundra ecosystems. It is considered that grazing can induce two alternative vegetation states that differ in plant species composition and the rate of nutrient cycling. The doctoral dissertation of Master of Science Maria Väisänen shows that the grazing history by reindeer, with the associated vegetation shift from dwarf shrubs to graminoids, can significantly alter the ecosystem-level consequences of climate warming.
The academic dissertation of researcher Maria Väisänen is a part of a research project funded by the Academy of Finland and led by Doctor Sari Stark. The project was working at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland from summer 2012 to summer 2014, as part of the Global Change research group, led by research professor Bruce Forbes.Master of Science Maria Väisänen’s dissertation “Ecosystem-level consequences of climate warming in tundra under differing grazing pressures by reindeer“ was examined on 18th December 2014 in the University of Oulu, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology. The opponent was Professor Philip Wookey from Heriot-Watt University, Great Britain.

Full manuscript can be downloaded here. (source Arctic Centre)

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Reindeer herders in Russia have a chance to get education!

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reindeerThe Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation decided to keep the profession of reindeer herder in the list of specialties in institutions of vocational education. This was recently reported by the chair of the Association of World Reindeer Herders Mikhail Pogodaev.

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Reindeer herders in Southern Yakutia conduct negotiations with Evraz mining company

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bugatOn Monday, December 15th, public hearing on construction of mining plant “Timir”, which will be implemented by EVRAZ Company, was held in Neryungri (Southern Yakutia, Russia).

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250 Tonnes Yamal Reindeer Meat Headed to Europe in 2015

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Reindeer Meat250 tonnes of reindeer meat may sound like a lot, but actually the Finnish meat company Polarica wanted twice that amount, according to reports in the Yamal Okrug media. The other large purchaser of reindeer meat form the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Okrug is the German company P.Kover e.K. The Vice Governor of the YNAO is quoted as saying that the demand for high quality reindeer meat is higher than ever in the Yamal region as well.

It is unclear from news reports whether the drop in export is linked to the mass deaths of reindeer over the last winters due to catastrophic icing of reindeer pastures in the region, though it may be a factor. In addition it is not clear whether EU sanctions against Russia will impact the future cross border trade of reindeer meat to Europe.

As always, reindeer meat for sale provides the tabloids with a story (particularly in the UK) and various ‘animal rights’ organizations are scandalized – witness the quotes in this recent Daily Mail article about the German supermarket chain Lidl’s line of  packaged reindeer meat in the UK.

Christmas is Coming: How Do You Like to Eat Rudolf?

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Reindeer MeatWe the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR) and the Association of World Reindeer Herders (WRH) are  interested in reindeer pretty much all of the time. We (try to) understand that this is not so for most people. However, as we approach Christmas, interest in reindeer (not so much in herders!) peaks across much of the world. It is also when we receive more visitors to our website than any other time of the year.

This year, we thought we ask a very important to those of us who work, live with and love reindeer: How do you like to eat them? While this might seem a silly, or to some, a provocative question, to herding peoples, it is an  important one. Reindeer are the cornerstone of the identity of many indigenous peoples in the North, but perhaps above all, they are an extremely healthy and available source of protein.

I canvassed our colleagues here at ICR and WRH about their favourite way to eat reindeer. See some feedback below. Feel free to add your voice, favourite or recipe to the conversation here on our Facebook or Twitter channels or in the comments section.

One of my favourite answers was from Rávdná Biret Márjá Eira (Sámi, Kautokeino, Norway),

This is a very difficult question Philip! Its too hard to choose, but let’s see: In the fall it is so good with smoked reindeer meat that I fry directly on the fire…a little later it is great with blood sausages and boiled čielgi (back)! and also in the winter….. and then in spring it soooo tasty with coffee and dried reindeer meat during the migration while the herd is resting a little..

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