Samisk reindrift, norske myter – Fagseminar og boklansering

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Reindrift har et dårlig rykte i Norge. Det har lenge blitt hevdet at det er for mange rein i Finnmark, og at dette går utover lavmattene på vidda, produktiviteten i næringen og dyrevelferden.

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Den nye boka “Samisk reindrift, norske myter” drøfter forestillinger og realiteter om samisk reindrift. I motsetning til bildet som skapes av medier, politikere og forvaltning, argumenterer forfatterne for at den tradisjonsbaserte reindriften er en økologisk bærekraftig aktivitet. Næringen trues derimot av arealinngrep som gruvedrift og feilvurderinger i statens reindriftsforvaltning. Boka viser at det er grunn til å legge om til en reindriftsforvaltning der utøvernes egen tradisjonsbaserte kunnskap tas på alvor.

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Hva vet Oslofolk om samisk kultur?

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image_8I Oslo er det kebab, sushi, pizza og thaimat på hvert gatehjørne, men hva vet Oslofolk om samisk matkultur? Det flerkulturelle Norge startet lenge før de siste tiårenes innvandring, men den samiske matkulturen har forsvunnet i mylderet av eksotiske retter fra kontinentet. Denne helgen kan barn og voksne oppleve det samiske kjøkkenet sammen med Geitmyra matkultursenter for barn og Internasjonalt reindriftsenter.

Samene vet hvordan man utnytter hele dyret til å lage god og næringsrik mat. Det er noe vi alle burde lære mer om, sier Anderas Viestad, faglig ansvarlig ved Geitmyra matkultursenter for barn.

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Girjas Sami village in Sweden wins case for land rights against Sweden

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Matti BergAs reported in Sameradion & SVT Sapmi today: Matti Berg is in tears since the Girjas Sami village (sameby) have won their case against the state.

Girjas Sami village has won the case regarding the management of hunting and fishing in the area. The verdict was made today in Gällivare District Court, which is indeed an important principal decision for indigenous peoples.

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Russian Military Using Reindeer

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You can see more photos from these exercises here on the Russian Military of Defence Facebook Page

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Students from reindeer husbandry school in Kautokeino visit ICR office

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young reindeer herdersToday International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry had a meeting with students from Sámi Upper Secondary and Reindeer Husbandry School in Kautokeino and their teachers – Karen Inga Kemi, Torbjørn Larsen and Samuel Gaup.

ICR director Anders Oskal gave a lecture about world reindeer herding, the work of ICR and Association of World Reindeer Herders, he also made presentations about different projects where ICR and WRH were involved.

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ICR and WRH at the Arctic Frontiers 2016 in Tromso

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AFThe 10th Arctic Frontiers conference, titled Industry and Environment, is arranged in Tromsø, Norway on 24-29 January 2016. The Arctic is a global crossroad between commercial and environmental interests. The region holds substantial natural resources and many actors are investigating ways to utilize these for economic gain. Others view the Arctic as a particularly pristine and vulnerable environment and highlight the need to limit industrial development.

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“Samisk reindrift, norske myter” Seminar in Kautokeino

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On February 9th, a seminar is being held in Kautokeino to mark the launch and publication of this important new book: “Samisk reindrift, norske meter”. Although the final participant list and presentations are to be finalized, there will be presentations and discussions led by the book lead authors and editors, Tor A. Benjaminsen (NMBU), Inger Marie Gaup Eira and Mikkel Nils Sara (Sami University College). Read this post here on the Reindeer Portal to read more about the book and where it can be purchased and here to read about the DÁVGGAS project. The seminar is being organized by NMBU, ICR, UEI and the Sami University College.

Samisk reindrift, norske myter. Finnes det alternative løsninger for forvaltningen av reindriften i Finnmark?

Fagseminar i forbindelse med lansering av en ny fagbok om samisk reindrift i Finnmark Diehtosiida, Guovdageaidnu-Kautokeino 9. februar 2016, kl 09.00-14.00

New book: Samisk reindrift, Norske Myter

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A new book goes on sale today entitled ‘Samisk reindrift, Norske Myter’ (Sami reindeer husbandry, Norwegian myths) and it is the primary deliverable from the DÁVGGAS project, an interdisciplinary project involving researchers from NMBU and the Sami University College.

Edited by Tor A. Benjaminsen, Inger Marie Gaup Eira and Mikkel Nils Sara, the book is a collection of articles written by the project resaerchers and is sure to be an important contribution to the ongoing and often contested debates surrounding the continuation of an age old indigenous livelihood with the confines of a contemporary nation state. A seminar held in combination with the books publication will be held in Kautokeino, on February 9, 2016 (details to follow). The book is in Norwegian – you can view the introductory chapter here and purchase the book here.

From the foreword of the book (apologies, my translation),

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Arctic College in Chersky and Education for Young Reindeer Herders in Yakutia

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abdc43b5-2786-4273-973a-932914e4ab40Arctic College of the Peoples of the North, which is located in Chersky, Nizhnekolymsky district, continues it’s fruitful work both with reindeer herders and students from reindeer herding families. Only less than a month ago young reindeer herders who are also second-year students at the College had interesting workshops and classes with the main zootechnician at the Turvaurgin Obshchina (nomadic community) and skillful reindeer herder – Petr Kaurgin. They not only disscussed main issues of their Obshchinas and ways how to be a better reindeer herder, they also had a trip with teachers to the winter pastures where they were working with reindeer.

Arctic College of the Peoples of the North had become one of the 100 best colleges in Russian Federation in 2015, when director of the College Elena Antipina got “The Director of the Year 2015”. The College is very unique in terms of its efficient work with young reindeer herders, the College’s crew also takes very good care of students, especially reindeer herders. This is why it is of a great importance to develop other branches of this College in other reindeer herding districts of Sakha Republic, as well as in other regions of Russia. As an example – new branch of the Arctic College of the Peoples of the North was established in Topolinoe, Tomponsky district, in 2015.

In November 2015 the Association of World Reindeer Herders and the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry visited Arctic College in Chersky and organized EALLU workshop and seminar. We have pictures from that great experience on our Facebook page, an article about that you can find here. WRH and ICR are looking forward for further cooperation with the Arctic College and wishes all the best in its great work in preserving traditional reindeer husbandry and educating young reindeer herders!!!

Here are few pictures from students’ work with Petr Kaurgin.

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Animation on how man made barriers impact wild reindeer migration

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Nice short animation that illustrates how human changes to the landscape (roads, railways, hydropower, cabins, tourist trails) have impacted the wild reindeer herds in Dovrefjell and Rondane, southern Norway – which is home to Europes’ last wild herd of reindeer. Of course these landscape changes impact semi domesticated reindeer in the same way. The film was produced by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research as part of the project ‘Renewable-Reindeer