New Article from DÁVGGAS Project: Seeing Like the State or the Pastoralists?

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Finnmark_county_mapA new academic article has recently been  published from the DÁVGGAS project. Entitled “Seeing like the state or like pastoralists? Conflicting narratives on the governance of Sámi reindeer husbandry in Finnmark, Norway” The article is authored by by ,  and & Inger Marie Gaup Eira and will published in the Norwegian Journal of Geography.

From the abstract:

The article examines key actors’ perceptions on why Norwegian policy objectives aimed at securing sustainable reindeer husbandry through participation have failed in West Finnmark. Based on government documents, media debates, and interviews with the actors, the authors identify two competing narratives on why there are ‘too many reindeer’ despite continued state efforts at destocking.

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UArctic Shared Voices Magazine on EALLIN

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Creating the Good LifeThe annual UArctic Shared Voices magazine has been published and is now available online. There is a short article by Mikhail Pogodaev and Philip Burgess about the EALLIN project and there is also a short interview with EALLIN participant Isak Turi.

You can download the 2015 Shared Voices magazine here.

In addition, UArctic’s Shared Voices newsletter is sent monthly to keep those interested in UArctic informed about its activities and development. The June/July edition headlines are below.

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To preserve taiga reindeer husbandry. Round table in Ulan-Ude

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Ulan-Ude seminar

Participants of the round-table

June 18, Ulan-Ude, Russia. The Buryat State University hosted an international round table devoted to preservation and development of taiga reindeer husbandry. The seminar was organized by the Association of World Reindeer Herders (WRH) together with the Association of Northern Indigenous Peoples of Republic Buryatia and UArcitc EALAT Institute under the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (Norway).

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WRH takes part at the Council meeting of UArctic in Buryatia, Russia

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Elena Antipina_1

Elena Antipina, the director of the Arctic College of the People of the North

June 14-18, the 18th Council Meeting of University of Arctic is held at the Buryat State University in the city of Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia. More than 70 delegates from 15 countries arrived to Buryatia. Within the Council Meeting the Buryat State University will host the joint science and education conference “Arctic Dialog in the Global World”. The conference brings together interested scientists, politicians, academics, business people, PhD and postgraduate students from all over the world.

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20000 Attend Nordlige-Norden, Photo Gallery

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Nordlige - NordenAs many as 20000 people attended the Nordlige Norden Arctic food festival in Copenhagen last weekend and many of them ate reindeer meat prepared by ICR and friends. The event was  a huge success and the Sami lavvu, erected in the shadow of Hans Egede church in downtown Copenhagen was a busy place, most particularly on Saturday.

Other events held during the ‘foodie’ event (there was food from around the Arctic) included an EALLU Arctic Lavvu Dialogue (Tradisjonskunnskap grunnlaget for samisk matkultur i et nordisk perspektiv) which brought together young Sami herders, food experts and knowledge holders to discuss traditional knowledge and food culture from a Sami and Nordic perspective (Download programme here).

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‘Sodura': Dukha Reindeer Husbandry on the Big Screen

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SoduraA big budget and highly stylized feature film has been released which revolves around the Tsataan reindeer herders in Mongolia. Called ‘Sodura’, the film has been made in Mongolia and features Mongolian actors and presumably used people who knew how to handle reindeer as the trailer shows extensive scenes of reindeer herding, herding and migrating. ‘Sodura’, is the name of the heroine of the film, who is played by the well known Mongolian singer Ochgerel. The trailer shows a highly dramatic storyline and Mongolian media is reporting that it will be an entry into the Cannes film festival of 2016. You can watch it below.

Dukha, or Tsataan reindeer herders are one of the smallest numbered herding groups in the world and face enormous challenges related to the breakneck speed of development in Mongolia and the development of nature protected areas around the Lake Hovsgol region where they live alongside many other challenges. The Nomadic Herders project led by ICR is a partner with several herding peoples in the taiga, including Tsataan.


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Reindeer Parliament (poroparlamentti) Convenes in Finland

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PoroparlamenttiEvery year the Paliskuntain yhdistys the governing body of the reindeer herding cooperatives in Finland hosts the poroparlamentti (Reindeer Parliament) in Rovaniemi. Today, the 67th Reindeer Parliament is now underway and continues tomorrow.

You watch the livestream (and archived streams) here, follow the event on Facebook here and follow the hashtag #poroparlamentti.

See the program below (in Finnish)

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Nordlige-Norden Gets Reindeer Meat..

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Nordlige NordenLots of Chefs from the Copenhagen Hospitality College got their hands on reindeer meat in Copenhagen for the opening of the Nordlige Norden Arctic Food festival which started today. The reindeer meat was delivered by ICR and the next three days will see thousands of people pass through centre of Copenhagen sampling excellent Arctic food and of course reindeer meat in a lavvu. The event is connected to the EALLU project. Some pictures below, more pictures to follow.

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Arctic Food, Young Sámi Chefs: Nordlige Norden in Copenhagen Today

Young Sámi chefs with the Director of the  Copenhagen Hospitality School  Søren Huhlwein Kristiansen   From left: Ellen Karen Anna Sara,  Maret Ravdna Buljo, Jon Mikkel Eira, and Nils Christian KemiThis year, Denmark is the Chair of the Nordic Council and one of the events to commemorate this is ‘Nordlige Norden‘, a gastronomic tour of the Arctic, taking place in the heart of Copenhagen – as the organisers put it, ‘it may be the only Arctic adventure you ever go on’. After all, often the best memories we have from our travels are related to food.

We hear a lot about the ‘resources’ in the Arctic – oil, gas, minerals; but not so much about the people and the wonderful food – resources that are sustainable, valuable and the preparation of which is full of specific knowledge. Food including reindeer of course! Nordlige -Norden is a celebration of this resource – and it starts today, running until Saturday evening. The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry is taking part and has erected a lavvu in Nikolaj Plads and thousands are expected to attend. ICR’s participation is linked into the Arctic Council EALLU project (traditional knowledge, food culture and adaptation to climate change) and the local partner in Copenhagen is the Copenhagen Hospitality College. Below are pictured young Sámi chefs with the Director of the College Søren Huhlwein Kristiansen.

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26 hours & 2010 km driving, ICR team from Kautokeino arrive in Copenhagen.

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Issat Turi and Mikkel Anders Kemi from ICR  arrived at Hotel og Restaurantskolen in Copenhagen today driving for 26hours and 2010 km from Kautokeino.  The reason is the new Arctic Council project EALLU: Arctic Indigenous Youth, Climate Change and Food Culture, which ICR and WRH is carrying out together with the Saami Council, Norway and the USA.   In March this year  the Arctic Indigenous Peoples Culinary Institute was established in Kautokeino as part of the EALLU project, therefore Issat and Mikkel Anders brought with them Arctic  raw materials of very high quality from Kautokeino, Finnmark to be present at the Nordlige Norden Food Festival 28 -30 mai in Nikolai place in Copenhagen. The festival is being organized in Copenhagen as Denmark is the Chair of the Nordic Council  in 2015.  

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