The article about reindeer herding in the Barents region published in “The Circle”

February 7, 2018 • Svetlana AvelovaBlog, ICR/WRH, UArctic EALAT Institute

The Circle – the quarterly magazine of the WWF Global Arctic Programme. The goal of the magazine is to inform decision-makers, scientists and the interested public about arctic environmental and development issues. The Circle is distributed free to around 3,000 arctic stakeholders worldwide, and each issue focuses on one specific Arctic-related topic.

The article “Arctic Change and Reindeer Husbandry in the Barents Region” was published In the 3 issue of the magazine “The Circle” in 2017. The authors are Svein Mathiesen, professor, UArctic EALAT Institute, and Mikhail Pogodaev, chairman of the Board of the Association of World Reindeer Herders.

The article is devoted to the issues of changes in the Arctic and reindeer husbandry in the Barents region. According to the authors, the biggest driver of changes in the Arctic is the development of infrastructure. The authors note the need for a new educational system for reindeer herders, which should be multidisciplinary, multicultural and that should have a holistic approach to sustainable development.

You can read the full text of the article below (in English).

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