Arctic Council SDWG EALLU Traditional Foods Book Launches Today

May 10, 2017 • Philip BurgessBlog, EALLU, Projects

One of the main deliverables from the EALLU project is officially launched today at a side event to the Arctic Council Ministerial. The book is entitled “INDIGENOUS YOUTH, ARCTIC CHANGE & FOOD CULTURE. FOOD, KNOWLEDGE AND HOW WE HAVE THRIVED ON THE MARGINS”.

In terms of the breadth and scope, this is a unique publication that encompasses the traditional food culture of 14 different indigenous peoples through their own presentation of as many as 30 ‘recipes’. Contributions are drawn from Sámi, Nenets, Evenki, Chukchi, Even, Dukha, Inuit, Gwichin, Aleut, Koryak, Athabaskan and more. Many of the authors, in line with the project goals are drawn from indigenous youth. This is not a regular ‘cookbook’, as a quick glance at the menu illustrates: 

The Benefits of Raw Eating, Suovastuhttit: Using Fire and Smoke to Preserve Reindeer Meat; Reindeer Blood Soup; Reindeer Eye Soup; Buyuren – Blood Sausage; Chalmi, Hilta hilen – Stomach soup; Mipkuq (Black Meat in Seal Oil) – «Iñupiat Soul Food» and many more.

With over 160 pages and hundreds of stunning images presented in a large format, the EALLU book is designed to catch the eye, and inform a wide audience about the extraordinary richness and diversity that indigenous food production systems encompass, but importantly, the project authors have included serious recommendations to the Arctic Council and the Arctic States.

Some parts of the Arctic are experiencing extreme food insecurity, and resulting health and wellness issues in some areas are being termed a public health crisis. Traditional foods, livelihoods, language and knowledge are part of the core of a full and rich indigenous life in the Arctic and the EALLU project over the last three years through over 30 food events and related seminars in Norway, Finland, Russia, Mongolia, the U.S. and Denmark has attempted to draw this positive story out. The knowledge embedded within indigenous food systems have an enormous contribution to make in terms of community development and empowerment moving forward, something the recommendations were keen to point towards. Read the Executive Summary and Recommendations below


The book will be launched at a panel discussion which will be held today that will be opened by Roberta Burns, the Chair of the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). See our gallery of the preparations from the launch of the book and more here. See a number of short videos by EALLU authors and participants here.