Arctic Ungulate Conference: Abstracts Wanted!

May 6, 2015 • Philip BurgessBlog, Challenges, Reindeer
AUC 2015(Taken from the Arctic Ungulate Conference (AUC) website). The AUC is an international conference held every four years. The UNESCO world heritage site at Røros in Norway will be the host for the upcoming AUC in August 2015.
The arctic and northern areas are facing great social-ecological changes by ongoing industrial developments and global climate change. These rapid changes creates great concerns for conservation of biological resources and the important human cultures found alongside reindeer and caribou. The conference will focus on how we best can meet these challenges and improve the interface between science and policy making through state of the art examples from both management and science on arctic ungulates. The theme of the conference – “the past, the present and the future” – allows us to look back at the 2nd Reindeer and Caribou Symposium held in Røros in 1979, and to highlight the evolution of research and management as well as identify the most appropriate future research and management directions. The scientific programme will focus on the following main four themes:

1.    Rangifer and muskoxen ecology (reproductive fitness and life history strategies; parasites and disease; predation; behavioral ecology; selection and population genetics)2.    Exposure and sensitivity of Rangifer and muskoxen to changing landscapes (warming climate; industrial development, infrastructure and disturbances; changing husbandry and harvesting practices; management responses)

3.     Increasing and implementing Rangifer and muskoxen conservation through working with people

4.    Socio-ecological dimensions of the arctic ungulate world; how to deal with differing scales and policy, diverse stakeholders and different knowledge and value systems

For abstract submission and more information go to the  AUC conference website. Abstract deadline is May 10th.

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