20000 Attend Nordlige-Norden, Photo Gallery

June 6, 2015 • Philip BurgessBlog, EALLU, ICR/WRH, Projects

Nordlige - NordenAs many as 20000 people attended the Nordlige Norden Arctic food festival in Copenhagen last weekend and many of them ate reindeer meat prepared by ICR and friends. The event was  a huge success and the Sami lavvu, erected in the shadow of Hans Egede church in downtown Copenhagen was a busy place, most particularly on Saturday.

Other events held during the ‘foodie’ event (there was food from around the Arctic) included an EALLU Arctic Lavvu Dialogue (Tradisjonskunnskap grunnlaget for samisk matkultur i et nordisk perspektiv) which brought together young Sami herders, food experts and knowledge holders to discuss traditional knowledge and food culture from a Sami and Nordic perspective (Download programme here).

Finally there was a VIP dinner held inside the Church with over 80 guests where reindeer meat featured heavily. All in all a great success for ICR and a worthy kickoff event for the newly approved Arctic Council SDWG project EALLU.

View the photo gallery here.