Be Our 1000th Facebook ‘Friend’ & Win Books!!

March 11, 2015 • Philip BurgessBlog, ICR/WRH

Win ImageHere at the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry we have a lively Facebook Page and we have almost reached a social media milestone: 1000 ‘Friends’ on Facebook. To help push us up to the magical number, we are offering our 1000th Friend on Facebook a fantastic prize – a copy of the book ‘EALLIN – Youth the Future of Reindeer Herding Peoples’ and a copy of the book ‘EALÁT. Reindeer Herders Voice: Reindeer Herding, Traditional Knowledge and Adaptation to Climate Change and Loss of Grazing Lands’ mailed to wherever you are in the world..Pass the word on and help us reach our goal! Visit our Facebook page here