Book on Arctic Indigenous Knowledge System of Evenki Reindeer Herders and Hunters

December 14, 2017 • Svetlana AvelovaBlog

This year Alexandra Lavrillier and Semen Gabyshev have published a book called An Arctic Indigenous Knowledge System of Landscape, Climate, and Human Interactions: Evenki Reindeer Herders and Hunters.

Alexandra Lavrillier is an anthropologist and associate professor in anthropology at CEARC (Cultures, Environments, Arctic, Representations, Climate) (UVSQ) of the University of Paris-Saclay. Fluent in Evenki, she has conducted around nine years of fieldwork on hunting, reindeer herding, landscape management, representations of the natural environment, adaptations brought by postsocialism, the market economy, climate change, and shamanism among the Evenki, Even, and Yakuts.

Semen Gabyshev is a Evenki reindeer herder and hunter with 27 years of experience in the Amur region and Yakutia (Russia). A native bearer of the Evenki TEK and language, since 2012–2013 he has been an associate member of CEARC and an indigenous co-researcher in scientific projects (BRISK, POLARIS, PARCS).

Here you can read more about book and download it.