EALLU Presented to Arctic Council SDWG, Maine

October 3, 2016 • Philip BurgessBlog, EALLU, Projects

Anders Oskal SDWGICR Director Anders Oskal presented the progress on the EALLU project to the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group over the weekend in Orono, Maine. The Arctic Council is currently under the U.S. Chairmanship.

The progress on the project is considerable. EALLU is managed by ICR and WRH, with co-leads Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Norway, Russia, USA, the Aleut International Association and the Saami Council. EALLU runs up to 2019, but already 26 different activities such as community workshops, seminars and events have been held, in a huge variety of locations, including Inuvik, Nome, Kautokeino, Inari, Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Moscow, Uryung-Khaya, Chersky, Topolinoe, Yakutsk, Genhe (China) and Tereli in Mongolia, to name but a few.

Some of the products with EALLU input are significant – a new course on Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in Kautokeino was launched this year, course seminars on Russian Indigenous Peoples’ Food Culture in St Petersburg and this year, a new MSc program in Sustainable Reindeer Herding and Traditional Knowledge will be developed. Deliverables next year include a ‘cookbook’ on Arctic Indigenous Peoples Food culture and food systems, in tandem with a short documentary film. The project has consistently focussed on the engagement and participation of indigenous youth.


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