First Female Head of Finnish Reindeer Herders Association Elected: Notes Challenges to Reindeer Husbandry

June 18, 2010 • Philip BurgessReindeer Herders

On Sunday Anne Ollila became the first woman to head the Reindeer Herders’ Association of Finland.

Both she and the reindeer herding sector face great challenges, writes the daily Lapin Kansa:

“The challenges are not insurmountable because a Finn never leaves a reindeer in the lurch. Lapland wouldn’t be Lapland without reindeers.

The reindeer herding sector will continue to be important for the economy of the north, which serves not only its own people but because of rising tourism also a growing number of customers.

For the future it is vital that reindeers and reindeer meat continue to enjoy an excellent reputation. In a world of green values it’s good to stress that reindeers which grow up surrounded by clean nature leave behind smaller ecological footprints than other ruminants.”

Source – Baltic Review

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  • Roman

    Ryazansky State Agrotechnology University, Russia

    Dear friend. I live in the forest-steppe zone about 200 km to south-east of Moscow. I like the North, whereof my dream is to try to breed the reindeers in my region. What is the probability of their being alive here (taking to mind only the climatic and food base changing in compare with their native conditions.)?
    With best regard, Ushakov Roman