Moscow is Hungry for Reindeer Meat

May 2, 2017 • Alena GerasimovaEALLU, ICR/WRH, RIEVDAN

Guests and participants of the exhibition Treature of the North

Last weekend dozens of visitors in the Sokolniki Park have consumed delicious snakcs and soups made from reindeer meat and other delicacies of indigenous peoples of the North. The food expo was organized in the framework of the Arctic Council EALLU project about reindeer herding food culture. The main report on the project – the EALLU cookbook was exposed for the first time during the seminar on Traditional Knowledge and Innovations in Indigenous Food Systems and their Role for Developing Private Business. International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry has organized both events in cooperation with RAIPON, Indigenous Peoples Institute of Herzen University and Fjellvilt from Norway.

Before the opening of the seminar young cheffs and representatives of such indigenous peoples as Sami, Evenki, Chukchi, Dolgan, Nenets from Yamal, Yakutia, Taymir and Norway have prepared about 20 differents dishes with reindeer meat and white fish. Together with youth the food expo was presented by indigenous nomadic communities from Khanty-Mansijsk AO, Yama and Yakutia, who also shared their delicious food and knowledge about food culture. 

The table were filled with beautiffly aranged dishes. Moscow residents, together with participants of the exhibition Treasure of the North, could not wait to taste the food and shared their excitment and admiration of fresh, juicy, tasty and healthy reindeer meat!