SecNet International Workshop on Climate Change has started its work in Salekhard, Russia

November 1, 2017 • Alena GerasimovaICR/WRH

November 1,  Salekhard (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia). 2nd Siberian Environmental Change Network (SecNet) Workshop has began, and will last until November 4. The seminar is organized by the Government of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and Tomsk State University with the support of the UK Science and Innovation Network and the British Embassy in Russia. Scientists from Russia, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Czech Republic will participate in a seminar, organized by the Siberian Environmental Change Network (SecNet), in Salekhard (the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District), the region’s Department of Sciences and Innovations said on Wednesday.

According to TASS, every year, Yamal is promoting itself on the international arena as an important center for scientific and humanitarian cooperation in the Arctic, Yama’s Deputy Governor, head of the international affairs department, Alexander Mazharov said.
“Head of Yamal’s department for sciences and innovations Alexey Titovsky has informed the seminar participants about major scientific projects, in which the Arctic region is participating,” the department said. “The District is a party to the international scientific project on monitoring of the permafrost (CALM – the Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring Network), it is a member of the network for observing the environment and climate under the Pan-Eurasian Experiment project.”
Besides, the department continued, Professor of the Tomsk State University Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergei Kirpotin made a presentation of the international network for Siberia’s ecological changes – SecNet, which covered the Siberian regions from the south to the north.”During work on this project, scientists cooperate closely with the indigenous peoples of the Siberian regions,” the department said. “At the seminar in Salekhard, representatives of the North’s low-numbered indigenous peoples are among important guests.”
The seminar will continue working to November 4, the department added. The Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring (CALM) program observes the response of the active layer and near-surface permafrost to climate change over long (multi-decadal) time scales. PEEX “Pan-Eurasian Experiment” study is a multidisciplinary climate change, air quality, environment and research infrastructure program focused on the Northern Eurasian particularly arctic and boreal regions.


Mikhail Iar, Board member of the Asociation of World Reindeer Herders at the SecNet workshop in Salekhard

ICR diretor Anders Oskal had introduction on the INTERACT, the workshop was also attended by the Association of World Reindeer Herders. The results of the workshop would be recommendations implemened by the research and scientific institutions of the SecNet. The role of the SecNet in developing the dialog between indigenous communities, local inhabitants, decision-makers and scientists will be also discussed. сети SecNet. 


More information about the workshop here

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