In Yamal region reindeer lose weight, there are some cases of animals death

January 23, 2014 • Svetlana AvelovaBlog, Challenges, Reindeer, Reindeer Herders

First Deputy Director of the Department for the indigenous peoples of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Eduard Yaungad commented difficult situation in Yamal and Priuralsky districts.

He explained that kind of situation occurres periodically on the Yamal Peninsula, for example, similar situation was observed fifteen years ago and it was in general connected with weather conditions.

– This year after a heavy snowfall the weather became warmer, then the snow has frozen and the moss appeared under a thick layer of snow covered with ice – ice crust. Thus reaching food for young reindeer and animals with weak immunity became difficult – explains Eduard Yaungad . – Hence, weight loss and other unpleasant accompanying results has occurred. Healthy adult reindeer are able to pass this barrier, they easily get to the moss. According to some scientists,this is a natural selection. Nevertheless, we keep the situation under control and do all our best to help reindeer herders affected by weather anomalies.

Edward Yaungad said that special committee went to the Yamal district. One of its tasks  is finding out the situation in the tundra and what kind of support required. The commission includes specialists from okrug departments for indigenous peoples and agriculture, trade and food, and administration of district. According to IA “Sever -Press”, the Commission has already visited the factoryPortts – Seyakha, and now on the direction to the factory Yaroto -2.

– As soon as the Committee will come back, we will be able to assess the situation in detail and take measures to provide specific assistance to herders affected by the death of reindeer, – said Edward Yaungad.

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