Indigenous youth in Kamchatka (Russia) urged to work in reindeer husbandry

February 26, 2014 • Alena GerasimovaBlog, Challenges, EALLIN, Reindeer Herders

olenevody_kamchatkiAccording to local administration, young indigenous people in the North of Russia – Kamchatka, participated in a meeting devoted to occupational guidance. The meeting was conducted by Valentina Bronevich, vice-chairman of the Government of Kamchatka region. The main issue to discuss was to promote youth employment in reindeer husbandry of the region.

The meeting gathered around 30 participants, among them were residents from Khailino village, Apuka village, Ossora village and Srednie Pakhachi village. All the participants expressed their interest and concern about salary of reindeer herders, issues of education and employment into reindeer husbandry, and measures of state and local administration support for those who choose this profession for themselves.

Natalia Nitsenko, the head of Employment and Migration Policy Department of Kamchatskiy region, Vladimir Kleymenov, head of “PO Kamchatolenprom” enterprise, and representatives of regional ministries and departments of Kamchatskiy region were answering to the questions addressed by young people.

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