International Media Visit to Learn About Reindeer, Food

April 13, 2016 • Philip BurgessBlog, EALLU, ICR/WRH, Projects

IMG_2750In an event coordinated by the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry and Søren Kühlwein, the Director of the Hotel og Restaurantskolen in Copenhagen, a large number of food journalists are currently guests of ICR in Kautokeino where they are learning at first hand the meaning of ‘traditional foods’ in the Arctic. Traditional food consumption, processing and economies are one of the mainstays of life in small indigenous communities. The production and processing of reindeer meat and related products is a key plank in nurturing sustainability and resilience in marginal and often marginalized communities.

The visitors, which included the Guardian, BBC, VICE, Time Magazine, Newsweek and others, travelled by snowmobile to a local siida,  where they got to visit a herd and also witness traditional Sami slaughtering techniques in the field, ably demonstrated by Issat Turi. This is a follow up of the EALLU Nordlige-Norden events in Copenhagen last year and a continuation of that projects work on traditional food culture and community resilience, and traditional knowledge. They visit also coincides with the visit of over 30 students from across Eurasia who are also preparing reindeer in their own ways in open demonstrations of the richness of their own for cultures (see here for photos of the students first day).