Global Change Workshop Opens in Kautokeino

March 25, 2014 • Alena GerasimovaBlog, ICR/WRH

March 25, Kautokeino (Norway). International workshop with the main theme ” The Role of Traditional Knowledge in Governance of Natural Resources in the High-North with Cases from Reindeer Husbandry and Other Indigenous Societies” started today. The workshop brought together representatives from local government, science, indigenous people and others.

This workshop is a continuation of the exchanges and reflection that took
place at the international workshop ”Global Change in the Arctic and Co-production of
Knowledge” held in Paris in September 2012 at the Museum national d’Histoire naturelle,
organised by CNRS/MNHN and UNESCO. A third expert workshop in this series will be held in
Paris in the last quarter of 2014.

The workshop in Kautokeino is planned for 3 days from 25 to 27 March 2014. It focuses on
connecting community-based observations with scientific knowledge to better understand,
respond and adapt to processes of environmental change. The main objectives are to
propose and assess concrete methodologies for community-based observatories in the
Arctic that are interlinked with indigenous livelihoods, such as reindeer husbandry or
hunting/fishing/trapping. This workshop will contribute to the development of methods,
rooted in traditional knowledge and building synergies with science, that reinforce the role
of indigenous peoples in observing systems and decision-making with respect to change in
the Arctic. Results from the workshop will be reported to relevant bodies including inter
alia the Arctic Council and SAON.

You can download the programme for the Global Change Workshop here.

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