Nomadic Herders Project Meet With Dukha Youth, Ulan Bator

February 11, 2015 • Philip BurgessBlog, Nomadic Herders, Projects, UArctic EALAT Institute

Nomadic Herders Youth The Association of Word Reindeer Herders (WRH) and UArctic EALAT Institute (UEI) are currently in Ulan Bator, Mongolia meeting with Dukha youth to discuss the ongoing Nomadic Herders project. Mikhail Pogodaev (WRH Chair), Svein Mathiesen (UEI Professor) and Issat Turi (Sami reindeer herder) here are pictured meeting with Dukha youth in Ulan Bator, with a subsequent meeting with Dukha  and Mongolian partners in a rather incongruously located Yurt on the top of a high rise in the city which is experiencing breakneck economic development, as is the whole country. See a photo gallery of the meeting here. The youth participants were

1.Shinsaran Tsermaa
2.Tsetsegmaa Gombo
3.Bayarmagnai Ganbold
4.Zolzya Uudus
5. Hischimeg Bayandalai
6. Burmaa
7. Hongorzul Purevjav

Duke youth meeting Ulan Bator

The goal of the Nomadic Herders project  in Sahka (Yakutia) and in  Mongolia is to enhance the resilience of pastoral ecosystems and livelihoods of nomadic reindeer herders. The project is urgently needed to improve the conditions for Even, Evenky and Duhka reindeer husbandry because of treats due to climate change, loss of biodiversity and land degradation in the taiga region. The project will develop methods to document traditional knowledge and improve skills to conserve endangered species and enhance biological diversity and reduce pasture degradation.

Local communities in Sahka  (Yakutia), Mongolia and Norway have for the last 4 years invested in the preparation of the project, and the expectation in the local indigenous communities is high.   Furthermore Nomadic Herders has developed a unique cooperation between Mongolia and Sahka (Yakutia) and established dialogue and trust  between indigenous reindeer herding peoples and the local, regional and national authorities  on nature and biodiversity protection, land degradation and community resilience.