EALLU book co-author Anna Chuprina graduates from bachelor program with highest distinctions

June 25, 2018 • Alena GerasimovaProjects

Anna Chupina is Dolgan from reindeer herding family in Taymir peninsula, she is also a students at the Institute of the Peoples of the Nororth at the Herzen University in Saint-Petersburg. Anna is an active participnat of the Arctic Council EALLU project  . On June 24th she defended her thesis work on “Traditional Food Culture in the System of Ethnic Identity Formation of Childen”, Anna’s work was highly appreciated by teachers and members of the examination committee. 

In 2016 Anna took courses for young reindeer herders on traditional knowledge and biodiversity, that took place in Norway, and in 2017 she was recognized as one of the best students of Saint- Petersburg. In the culinary book “EALLU”, which recently received a grand prix at the Gourmand Awards in China, Anna wrote an article about the traditional Dolgan cuisine, about traditional dishes and how to prepare and store them. In addition, Anna presented an article for the Rievdan scientific project on the seasonality of the traditional food culture Dolgan.
We congratulate Anna with a successful ending and wish her continued success!