Meeting about the EALLIN project at the Herzen University

June 4, 2014 • Alena GerasimovaEALLIN, Projects

EALLIN Herzen4 June, 2014. The EALLIN project leader Mikhail Pogodaev, and representatives of the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry – Anna Degteva, Svetlana Avelova and Alena Gerasimova, who also involved in the project, had a meeting with indigenous students from different reindeer herding regions of the Russian Federation at the Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ of the North at the Herzen University. Students at the Institute of Indigenous Peoples of the North include eveni, evenki, yakut, dolgan, koryak and other indigenous peoples of the north. At this institute students get an opportunity to learn the language, culture and history of the people they belong to.

Mikhail pointed out the main objectives of the EALLIN project, about EALLIN  Herzenreindeer herding youth. Participants of this meeting discussed main challenges of reindeer herding, the reasons why young people don’t want to go to reindeer husbandry and other aspects of this topic. Students were very concerned about the technical equipments of reindeer herders, whether having internet in the tent will be good for reindeer herders. To remind, the same question was also raised by students at the Training of Arctic Future Leaders’  meeting  at the Herzen University two years ago.

Students were interested to know about Saami reindeer husbandry, and how they use modern technology in reindeer herding.

EALLIN HerzenParticipants of this meeting will help to collect information and data for the EALLIN report, which is very important,since it will be exactly young peoples from reindeer herding families, who will work with the questions (The questions were like: how many young people go to work in reindeer husbandry at your region (in %)? what would be important to do in order to attract youth in reindeer herding? and so on..) The meeting gathered around 15 participants, there were more of those who were about to participate, but June is the time for Russian students to pass their exams, and many of them were busy in preparing and studying 🙂 We wish them all good luck!!!