Youth in Yakutia has taken initiatives in the development of the Arctic

April 15, 2014 • Alena GerasimovaEALLIN, Projects

ясиа‘Development of the Arctic zone in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) requires new scientific, creative and international projects’, said participants of the roundtable “Young leaders of the Arctic” on March 26 2014. Participants added that young people  must take initiatives in the development of the Arctic regions, since it is only youth that can enhance the Arctic.

The roundtable participants presented their creative and scientific projects aimed at addressing the existing challenges in the Arctic regions. According to them, it is necessary to support the initiative of young people to improve the quality of information channels between Arctic regions and the center of the republic, in particular, to create informational magazines or newspaper.

To preserve the culture of indigenous peoples it is needed to actively develop projects related to ethnography of the peoples of the North.

«Arctic is a treasure trove with unique findings of the mammoth fauna and it needs to be studied with paleontological perspective», — noted of the participants, Maksim Cheprasov.

Young participants think that one of the impacts for the Arctic development could be implementation of creative ideas, such as initiated competition for young designers «Movie fashion weekend».

«The most important is to give young scientists, students and pupils the opportunity to declare their projects. We hope that they all will be implemented», — said the organizer of this event, the director of the Association of polar explorers “Yakutian Arctic” , Tuyana Andreeva.

Source: YASIA