GPS Transmitters on Reindeer

November 17, 2008 • Philip BurgessReindeer

(Pic and story Ságat) By using GPS transmitters on reindeer in the Skæhkere reindeer husbandry district in southern Norway, reindeer herders hope that in time it will be easier to document their large losses caused by predators. Herders in this district in Trøndelag spend a great deal of time looking for carcasses for documentation purposes.

Hans Erik Sandvik, a herder from this district said that he hoped that it would help improve the documentation of predators killing reindeer in the district.

We assume that about 40-50 percent of the calves are taken by predators…but it is almost impossible to document losses. We find between 50-80 carcasses a year, but most, especially calves are difficult to find. Most of our work goes towards looking for carcasses