Happy Miessemánnu / Reindeer Calf Month

May 4, 2009 • Philip BurgessReindeer

(Pic: Sven Skaltje) This time of year is marked by the birth of reindeer calves around the world of reindeer husbandry. In the North Sámi language, the month of May is called Miessemánnu – which  translates into English as Reindeer Calf Month. This speaks the cycle of  the Sámi year and how intertwined it is into everyday Sámi life. 

It is not the only month that reflects the link between Sámi, their language and their reindeer. Borgemánnu (Augustand Golggotmánnu (Octoberare also months of the year that are connected to the behaviour of reindeer.

In Norway, where migration routes to the coast, are still followed, herds are often seperated and the calves are born en route, with herders keeping a watchful eye for predadators along the way, as calves are very vulnerable to attacks by wolverines and eagles at this time. 

Happy Miessemánnu from the Reindeer Blog!

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