ICR host delegation from Finland-Yamal

March 20, 2007 • Philip BurgessReindeer

On Sunday, March 19th, ICR hosted a small delegation from Finland that included EALAT researchers Florian Stammler and Bruce Forbes. Accompanying them was Nenets Sergey Khudi, a former herder who now works for a construction company in Labytnangi. Khudi is interested in establishing dialogue with adminstrators, researchers, herders and development personnel in Finland and Norway. ICR organised a short presentation by Aslak Anders Sara, a reindeer herder from Kautokeino who had clear insights into the unforeseen consequences of the Statoil Snøhvit development on their summer pastures, which he shared with the meeting.  This was a fact finding meeting for Khudi, in advance of a major delegation from Yamal that will be visiting Finland and Norway in May. ICR agreed to facilitate contacts for the upcoming delegation. Statoil’s presentation in Hammerfest regarding indigenous peoples, reindeer and pastures differed in a stark dramatic way to the presentation of Sara the day before..

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