Reindeer die offs continue in Yamal region (Russia)

March 19, 2014 • Alena GerasimovaChallenges, Reindeer, Reindeer Herders

Yamal reindeer loss 2014Wednesday, 19th of March. Reindeer continue dying. Yamal region needs help to get out of this catastrophic situation. Because of the ice crust unfortunate animals simply cannot get to the lichen. As a result dozens of reindeer corpses spread all over the tundra. On the way to the ‘Yarsalinskoe’ enterprise: shocking scenes are practically on every hundred meters. Reindeer which exhausted from hunger just lie down in the snow and fall asleep and been a very easy capture for predators. The director of Yarsalinskoe enterprise Liliya Yakubova said that currently enterprise has lost about 5-6 thousand of reindeer, but no one can give the real number for now.  

In case of Yamal region, the sad result of dead animals is 12 thousand. Presious lichen, which is been under meters of snow crust, partially replaced by the artificial feeding and fortified salt. According to paramedic of brigade №1 of Yarsalinskoe enterprise Maya Khudi, reindeer started to feel better after they moved to another part of the region.

Yamal region received 17,5 million rubles from the district budget to improve the situation. Artificial food, fuel and grocery are been delivered to the camps of reindeer herders. The head of the Yamal region Andrey Kugaevsky stated that transport support was provided, and also help with corals. Social security is going to work with every reindeer herding family.

Support is promised to be equal for everyone, both for state enterprises and for private reindeer herders. Sixty affected families from the villages of Yar-Sale and Panaevsk will receive salary (increased from two to five times). And in short time a special helicopter flight will be organized to search for straying reindeer.

Source (and to see the video): Vesti-Yamal