Reindeer Police, Only in Norway…

February 12, 2009 • Philip BurgessBlog

In Norway, there is a unique police force called The Reindeer Police, which was established in 1950. They are a special unit of  the Norwegian police service and their main task is to police Sami reindeer herding in the county of Finnmark. In addition, the Reindeer Police is also charged with the task of combating crimes against nature and the environment within its area of jurisdiction, which covers the counties of Finnmark and Nord Troms – an area of 56,000 square kilometres, a vast territory policed by a mere 15 officers. The tasks of the Reindeer Police primarily relate to reindeer herding, and they are often present during the gathering, separation, marking and slaughtering of reindeer.

A documentary has been made about their work and you can watch it online here.

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