Reindeer Production from Komi, Evenki Congress in March

February 9, 2009 • Philip BurgessBlog


Reindeer numbers in the Komi Republic (primarily Vorkuta, Inta and Usinskhave) stabilised, according the regions  Ministry of Agriculture and Food. According to the agency, on 1 January 2009 there were 64,825 deer, which is  4326 head more than a year ago.  Production of meat in live weight has also increased. Slaughter numbers would have been higher but for warm weather in November and December, which prevented reindeer brought to the slaughter. 

The best production  performer for reindeer production and preservation was the cooperative  KTC «Reindeer Herders». The highest output of calves was achieved by OOO «North»  amounting to 71,1 percent. Source: Komiinform

On 12-14 March in the village of Iengra Neryungrinskogo the third All-Russian Congress of the Evenki Russia will be held. In Russia, there are around 48000 Evenki, most of whom live in the Evenki Autonomous Area, Yakutia, Irkutsk, Chita, Tomsk Oblast, Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk Region and St. Petersburg. There is also a major Evenki diaspora in People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. Evenki are one of the great reindeer herding peoples and the Congress willput reindeer husbandry at its centre. Source: Sakha News

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