“Samisk reindrift, norske myter” Seminar in Kautokeino

January 21, 2016 • Philip BurgessBlog, Dávggas, Projects, Reindeer, Reindeer Herders






On February 9th, a seminar is being held in Kautokeino to mark the launch and publication of this important new book: “Samisk reindrift, norske meter”. Although the final participant list and presentations are to be finalized, there will be presentations and discussions led by the book lead authors and editors, Tor A. Benjaminsen (NMBU), Inger Marie Gaup Eira and Mikkel Nils Sara (Sami University College). Read this post here on the Reindeer Portal to read more about the book and where it can be purchased and here to read about the DÁVGGAS project. The seminar is being organized by NMBU, ICR, UEI and the Sami University College.

Samisk reindrift, norske myter. Finnes det alternative løsninger for forvaltningen av reindriften i Finnmark?

Fagseminar i forbindelse med lansering av en ny fagbok om samisk reindrift i Finnmark Diehtosiida, Guovdageaidnu-Kautokeino 9. februar 2016, kl 09.00-14.00