Why EALLU Won — Gourmand Founder & President Edouard Cointreau

Май 31, 2018 • Philip BurgessBlog, EALLU, ICR/WRH, Projects

Mr E. Cointreau, founder of the Gourmand Awards, samples traditional foods in the EALLU tent.

As noted previously, the EALLU food book was awarded the prestigious grand prize at the 23rd Gourmand food book awards held in China, last weekend. The founder of the Awards is a Mr Eduard Cointreau and he had the following things to say about the EALLU book:

EALLU is the first book ever, presenting an overview of the food cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Arctis, says Edouard Cointreau, president and founder of the Gourmand Awards. A unique book that, unlike many others, can really change the life of indigenous families, their nomadic communities and villages. In an exceptional and impressive way the authors, who are all arctic indigenous youth, has managed to create a book that share the way of life and the food culture of places that has been known by very few people on the planet. The importance of their work and the beautiful EALLU book has no comparison. The way these youth professionally and respectfully shared their food, the arctic culture and their insights on sustainability at the Gourmand Awards on may 26, caught the immediate attention of chefs, authors, writers, journalists and photographers from more than 60 countries.

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