What is Reindeer Husbandry?

Why do reindeer gather in herds?

Reindeer are gathered in herds for certain purposes in different seasons, as for marking of calves, slaughtering and dividing in winter groups/siidas. Nowadays in Scandinavia, it is common for reindeer herders use assistive technologies, such as motorcycles, snow scooters and even helicopters in their gathering work. In many areas in Russia, however, access to technical aids has actually been reduced over the last 15 years. Many herding peoples in Russia still have limited use of such technologies and migrations are undertaken much the way they have been for centuries – walking with the reindeer, riding reindeer (in some areas), using dogs and using harnessing reindeer to sledges.

How will climate change affect reindeer herding?

As reindeer herding is carried out in the natural environment and is in all ways strongly connected to climatic conditions, changes in the climate will certainly affect reindeer herding. But nobody can yet say with certainty when, how and how much reindeer herding will be affected by climate change. Predicted changes will mean for example shorter and warmer winters. Warming will also bring earlier thawing and later freezing. It is for example still unclear how mountain flora will withstand warming and what kind affect it will have on insects and how they will in turn affect the reindeer. In some reindeer herding areas, summer heatwaves will be a larger threat than warming periods in the winter and vice versa.

 Why are reindeer always thought about at Christmas?

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