Aili Keskitalo

New Gallery – Vice Minister Lunde ‘Lavvu Dialogue’

May 2, 2016 • Philip Burgess

During the Biological Diversity course (8J-100) held recently in the Sami University of Applied Sciences, Kautokeino, as part of the introductory sessions there was a ‘lavvu dialogue’ held with the State Secretary Lars Andreas Lunde of the Ministry of Climate and Environment (Norway) and the President of the Sami Parliament in Norway, Aili Keskitalo. Below is new gallery of images from the session. The course is organized as  part of the Nomadic Herders project.

A ‘lavvu dialogue’ is a discussion that can take place either in a ‘lavvu‘ or in a lavvu like setting whereby all participants are seated in a circle on reindeer skins and are all equal participants in the dialogue and can share their voices in a collaborative non formal setting.

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Loss of Pastures: Balsfjord Power Line Gets Final Approval

May 5, 2015 • Philip Burgess

Last week the Balsfjord to Hammerfest power line received final approval from the Norwegian government (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy). Construction can now begin. This is a major investment by Statnett (3-4 billion NOK) in a 420 Kv power line that will be 360 km long, 40 metres wide and cross 8 municipalities (Statnett).

Balsfjord power line

The route of the Balsfjord power line. Source:

It will cross 30 reindeer herding districts in northern Norway and have dramatic impacts on some districts, according to herders. Herders have been vociferous in their opposition to the project and have asked for it either shelved or that significant route alterations be undertaken, or that areas critically effected could have submarine/underground construction.

Acting Head of NRL, Per John Anti believes the consequences for reindeer herding in the area will be negative.

It will particularly impact on calving country. Research shows that the reindeer avoids areas from one to four kilometers from the disturbance, particularly females with calves. This causes pressure in other areas of these regions.

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