‘Moving with the Reindeer in Winter’ – Stunning Drone footage of reindeer migration

January 8, 2016 • Philip Burgess

Beautiful footage shot by by Jan Helmer Olsen who lives in Karasjok. It is shot by drone and taken while the reindeer migrate to their winter pastures, in Finnmarksvidda, Norway. The migration is timeless and majestic and is part of the perennial rhythm of herding life in the North.


Stunning Drone View of Reindeer Corral

March 4, 2014 • Philip Burgess

When speaking of drones, military uses spring to mind. This is changing however and their shrinking size and falling prices have meant that people are using drones for an increasingly wide range of activities. Ovttas (ovttas.no) commissioned Luftfoto Finnmark to film a reindeer roundup at a corral just south of Kautokeino using a drone. The results are stunning. See below..