Mikkel Anders Kemi

26 hours & 2010 km driving, ICR team from Kautokeino arrive in Copenhagen.

May 25, 2015 • Svein Mathiesen

Issat Turi and Mikkel Anders Kemi from ICR  arrived at Hotel og Restaurantskolen in Copenhagen today driving for 26hours and 2010 km from Kautokeino.  The reason is the new Arctic Council project EALLU: Arctic Indigenous Youth, Climate Change and Food Culture, which ICR and WRH is carrying out together with the Saami Council, Norway and the USA.   In March this year  the Arctic Indigenous Peoples Culinary Institute was established in Kautokeino as part of the EALLU project, therefore Issat and Mikkel Anders brought with them Arctic  raw materials of very high quality from Kautokeino, Finnmark to be present at the Nordlige Norden Food Festival 28 -30 mai in Nikolai place in Copenhagen. The festival is being organized in Copenhagen as Denmark is the Chair of the Nordic Council  in 2015.  

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What’s it Like to Herd Reindeer in the Western Arctic?

April 7, 2015 • Philip Burgess

Mikkel Anders KemiThe office manager of the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry Mikkel Anders Kemi was recently in Inuvik for the 80th anniversary of the introduction of reindeer herding to Canada. Mikkel Anders is also a reindeer herder so he knows a thing or two about herding. While there, he strapped on a GoPro camera got on his snowmobile to assist in the annual migration of the Canadian herd which numbers some 3000 reindeer. CBC North have posted the video here which you can see below. CBC North also posted a longer article about the introduction of reindeer to Inuvik which you can read here.

Herding reindeer by snowmobile in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T.

Here's what it feels like to be a reindeer herder. Mikkel Kemi, a Saami from Norway, strapped a GoPro to his head while he was out on the tundra outside Tuktoyaktuk. Thanks Kemi and the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation for sharing this video. Full story: cbc.ca/1.3014151

Posted by CBC North on Sunday, April 5, 2015