Semisjaur Njarg sameby

‘Then it isn’t reindeer husbandry’ – Important report on impact on herding of proposed mine

July 1, 2016 • Philip Burgess

Laver reportAn important report authored by Rebecca Lawrence (Uni of Stockholm) and Rasmus Larsen of the (Stockholm Environment Institute) has just been published. Entitled ”Då är det inte renskötsel” – Konsekvenser av en gruvetablering i Laver, Älvsbyn, för Semisjaur Njarg sameby,  the report  concerns the impacts of Boliden’s proposed mine in Laver, northern Sweden, for the Semisjaur Njarg Sami reindeer herding community.

The proposed mine is on the Semisjaur Njarg community’s winter grazing pastures. Across the Sami reindeer herding area, winter pastures are under pressure and are particularly challenging for herders as they are experiencing intense pasture fragmentation. The district are concerned that the impact of this mine will hinder their ability to practice traditional herding and nomadism in such a way that a herder is quoted as stating ”Då är det inte renskötsel”, or, ‘Then it’s no longer reindeer husbandry’, and the district is opposed to the development of the mine in the Laver area.

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