More ‘Mystery Craters’ in Yamal

February 26, 2015 • Philip Burgess

The Daily Mail in the UK has run a story on the holes that have been appearing suddenly on the Yamal tundra, which is home to Russia’s largest sources of natural gas, most of which is shipped to Europe by pipeline and also the world’s largest single area of reindeer husbandry. There are many theories about why these holes are appearing now, and climate change would appear to be playing a role.

Scientists have found four new craters have been spotted in the region. Worryingly, one crater was found about 10 km from the extensive Bovanenkovo gas field.

Read the full story, with some great photos here.

Methane Holes in Yamal


Traditional life in the Siberian Arctic – in pictures

May 2, 2014 • Philip Burgess

Chukchi HerderPhotographer Bryan Alexander has travelled Siberia documenting the lives of the Chukchi, Dolgan, Even, Khanty, Komi, Nenets, and Nganasan people, showing their traditional camps, transportation and dress, as well as activities such as herding, hunting and fishing. ‘Whisper of the Stars: Traditional Life in the Arctic’ Siberia is at the Horniman Museum in London, till September 2014.

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