Nomadic Herders Project Meets With Dukha Herders, Mongolia

February 15, 2015 • Philip Burgess

After meeting with reindeer herding Dukha youth in Ulan Bator (see story and photos here) last week, Professor Svein Mathiesen and young Sami herder Issat Turi travelled to Northern Mongolia to meet with Dukha herders on the land to discuss the ongoing implementation of the Nomadic Herders project and heard from herders and their families at first hand why the future of herding peoples in the taiga is facing such difficulties.

We have just posted a new gallery of images from their visit to Dukha herders which you can view here.

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Nomadic Herders Dukha Meeting 2015


Updated Version of Nomadic Herders Intro Video Now Online

September 4, 2013 • Philip Burgess

Nomadic Herders Logo A new version of the video which gives a short overview of the ‘Nomadic Herders’ project (see www.nomadicherders.org) is now available. The video was produced by project partners GRID Arendal

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Community Workshop in Tsagaannuur – Photo Gallery Added

March 8, 2013 • Philip Burgess

The Nomadic Herder project is wrapping up a week of community consultations in the Tsagaannuur in northern Mongolia and in the taiga with reindeer herders. A photo gallery of the workshop and work in the field has been added to the Nomadic Herders gallery. More about the workshop ands the various activities carried out in the field to follow. View the gallery here.


Evenki Reindeer Herders in Buryatia Rescue Plane Crash Victims

October 4, 2010 • Philip Burgess

Evenki reindeer herders in Buryatia  came to the rescue of the passengers and pilot of an AN-2 plane that crash landed in the taiga 300 km West of Chita, due to poor weather over the weekend. The herders were contacted by satellite phone and managed to locate the plane which had lost radar contact and loss of life was feared. Thankfully, herders found the plane, there were no injuries to the 8 passengers  and herders were able to feed the survivors and provide them with warm clothing until they were airlifted out by helicopter.

Source – GZT.RU, RAIPON INFO Centre.