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Sverigesradio reports, that Sami villages Tåssåsen, Handölsdalen and Mittådalen require the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to change its decision about allowing wolves rejuvenation in Jämtland. But the authority does not intend to do so and refers to rules on the wolf's survival in Sweden.

Nicklas Johansson, chairman of Tåssåsens village, states that the problem with wolves is that you get such spread on the reindeer so that it becomes unsustainable.

Last May, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency decided that wolves rejuvenation should be allowed in Jämtland County. The Sami villages Tåssåsen, Mittådalen and Handölsdalen have in a letter to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency demanded that the decision be reviewed. The Sami villagers state, among other things, that in recent years reindeer husbandry have suffered major injuries and losses caused by predators and that the decision has meant a total disaster for the Sami villagers concerned as the damage is far above what the Sami villagers are expected to bear.

The Sami villages have not yet received a response from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Marcus Öhman, director of wildlife management, says he understands the Sami villagers' concerns and is aware of the damage the wolf can cause to the reindeer husbandry, but he refers to the rules and frameworks that one has to relate to, and the decision remains.

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Source: sverigesradio

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