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IMG 4048International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry, UArctic EALAT Institute and World Reindeer Herders in unique cooperation with the Arctic Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center are committed to empowering Reindeer Herding and other Indigenous youth to be leaders in their communities. We welcome Indigenous Youth from the Circumpolar North aged 18-29 years old to apply for the Indigenous Youth Leadership workshop in Arendal, Norway before August 1, 2022

Many Indigenous Peoples are deeply connected to their environments and hold unique important knowledge of food systems, land and water. Hunters, herders and gatherers are unique custodians of the environment surrounding them, for thousands of years they have helped to conserve biodiversity in the Arctic and the Circumpolar North through their daily work they have become active monitors of the environment and stewards of tundra and taiga. As communities and ecosystems are affected by a rapidly changing Arctic climate, it is important to monitor and understand the impacts on both, and to work together to support social-ecological resilience and the ability of communities and the ecosystems they depend upon to thrive through uncertainty and shocks.

Youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow. Their unique ideas, perspectives and energy are critical to support communities today. This workshop will create a space for indigenous youth to acquire knowledge, skills and a network of peers to support their communities to be resilient in the face of the rapid and dramatic impacts of climate change.

The workshop will focus on: permafrost thaw, food systems and wetlands, while helping students to build skills such as communications, crisis management and negotiations.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together 20 exceptional Indigenous youth leaders from across the Circumpolar North to share knowledge and experiences regarding the impacts of climate change, to increase understanding of Indigenous Peoples food systems, to build competence and confidence for leadership, provide youth with important skills to support the needs and interests of their communities, and build our understanding of how to advance the resilience of communities.

Participants of the Indigenous Youth Community Resilience Leadership Program will first meet from 15-19 August in Arendal, Norway. They will then meet again in Cambridge, United States in January 2023 to continue their skills and knowledge development.


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