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reindeer shooting jokkmokkFew days ago, reindeer herder from Jokkmokk Mikael Kuhmunen found traces of someone shooting his reindeer on winter pastures close to Harads in Sweden. As he posted on his Facebook page: A reindeer has been dragged to the road and most likely ended up in a car. Four reindeer have been shot and ran away bleeding into the forest. 

This is just one in a series of similar crimes that are almost never solved. And while the authorities are analyzing the statistics, the feeling of hopelessness among the Saami is insreasing, reports

While investigation is ongoing, reindeer herder is also worried about his children's safety as the reindeer attack is suspected to be a part of the hate crime againt the Saami. 

Source and photo: Mikael Kuhmunen facebook page,

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