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Nomadic Herders Geneva 3Last week ICR and WRH had the startup meeting in UN environment in Geneva with director Ersin Ersen to develop a new Nomadic Herders Geneva 2global management of landscapes and pastures. The management of reindeer pastures globally is broken and have to be fixed. All available knowldge also female reindeer herders traditional knowledge will be used in the new four years GEF project: Reindeer Herding and Resilience

Source and photos: Svein Mathiesen (ICR)

Reindeer pastoralism is a traditional livelihood that represents a model of sustainable use and management of northern terrestrial ecosystems based on experience accumulated over generations, conserved, developed and adapted to the north's climatic, political, and economic systems. The flora, fauna, and traditional reindeer herding societies of the taiga and tundra areas are currently facing unprecedented threats and challenges, which are a result of strong socio-economic and environmental drivers.

The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR) is established to strengthen the cooperation between the reindeer herding people, document and take care of the traditional knowledge and contribute to knowledge development.



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