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Alfred Larsen at Boassu SmallApril 12, chefs of the Boaššu/NOMAD Indigenous FoodLab presented food for the participants of the Regional Nordic Forum which is taking place in Kautokeino on April 12 and 13, 2023. ICR Director Anders Oskal welcomed participants of the Forum and shared information about Boaššu/NOMAD Indigenous FoodLab and its plans. Chefs Alfred Larsen and Alena Gerasimova prepared reindeer dishes such as smoked meat, liver, heart, kidneys, reindeer pancakes etc. 
The purpose of the Regional Northern Area Forum is to strengthen the dialogue between national level, FoodLabregional level and the Sami Parliament on issues that are particularly relevant to development in the North. The Sami Parliament is hosting this meeting. 
Guests for dinner included: 
-       Sami Parliament President Silje Karine Muotka
-       Sami Parliament's political advisor Eirik Larsen 
-       County council leader Kristina Torbergsen (Troms and Finnmark county municipality)
-       County council leader Elin Dahlseng Eide (Nordland county municipality)
-        State Secretary Nancy Charlotte Porsanger Anti (Municipal and
district ministry)
-       State Secretary Odd Steinar Åfar Viseth (Ministry of Industry and Fisheries)
-       State Secretary Kristina Sigurdsdóttir Hansen (Ministry of Industry and Fisheries)
-       State Secretary Eivind Vad Petersson (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
and others



Source: ICR, Sami Parliament

Photo on the left: chef Alfred Larsen at the Boaššu/NOMAD Indigenous FoodLab, ICR

Photo on the right: dinner at the Boaššu/NOMAD Indigenous FoodLab, ICR

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