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Source: BBC, by Erika Benke

'Reindeer in Lapland have a number of important jobs this time of year – including helping the climate. By gobbling up shrubs, they help increase the reflectivity of snow and ice'.

Reindeer, crucial to the livelihoods of indigenous Arctic communities, play a vital role in preserving the ecosystem. Grazing reindeer help combat the effects of climate change by preventing shrub growth and maintaining the open Arctic landscape. Research suggests their impact includes reducing CO2 emissions, influencing the albedo effect to preserve snow cover, and slowing down the process of shrubification. This symbiotic relationship between reindeer and the environment reflects the sustainable herding practices of indigenous communities, emphasizing the interconnectedness of their culture with nature.

Read how reindeer help slowing down the heating effect and why reindeer husbandry is the best way to maintain open landscapes in both the tundra and boreal forests HERE

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