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The principal objective of Dávggas is to develop research-based policy alternatives for improving the economic output of Norwegian reindeer pastoralism and reducing conflicts between reindeer herders and other stakeholders.

The approach of the project is interdisciplinary, with a political ecology framework that draws on human geography, economics, sociology and anthropology. The geographical focus of the project is on Finnmark, the northernmost district of Norway and home to the majority of reindeer herders in the country.

The project will analyse land-use conflicts in Sami reindeer pastoralism in terms of geographical conditions, climatic dynamics, actors, narratives, values and knowledge. The project also aims to foster new understandings of the economics of reindeer herding, by investigating its political economy and analysing the reindeer-meat value-chain.

Finally, Dávggas seeks to strengthen cooperation between researchers and reindeer herders, through collaborative research, joint publications and targeted dissemination.

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