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PwaEUlGWMPpIHaRPKWGSug5s7Hd 9TRfSO4KpZNmeEMwTons of food are now being delivered by helicopters to save thousands of reindeer in this crisis situation. 

"This is the largest emergency operation we have had, and the most severe pasture crisis in recent times," says Sunna Marie Pentha, reindeer husbandry director at the County of Troms and Finnmark.

Since Friday, five helicopters have flown feed to a number of reindeer herds at winter pastures in Kautokeino and Karasjok in Finnmark, NRK reports. 

- The situation has been very precarious. Now we are very happy with the help we get, says reindeer owner Nils Peder Gaup.

What he fears most is that pregnant reindeer females will lose their calves because the animals have been fed too little food. 

The emergency operation works like an air bridge. Pilots take turns and the helicopters fly continuously with reindeer food, as long as there is light and weather conditions. 

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Source: NRK 


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