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Nenets reindeer herderIn this difficult time, when many of us have to stay at home, we suggest watching beautiful short documentary series about Yamal reindeer herders and how they live. We hope this will help you to briefly escape from anxieties and bring your to remote and beautiful expanses of the Yamal tundra, to enjoy the beauty of wildlife and get to know daily life of its inhabitants - reindeer herders. The YouTube channel titled “The Workshop” shares videos about the life of reindeer herder Nyadu Hudi and his family that lives in tundra on the Yamal Peninsula. It is said that the documentary will consist of 12 short series about life in the chum (traditional nenets dwelling), daily life, nature of Yamal and most importantly about reindeer herder Nyadu. The series are accompanied by a brief description in three languages ​​- Russian, English and Chinese; so far, there are 3 episodes of the documentary (original names of the series: “Camp in the forest”, “Firewood from larch” and “Deer stalking”). Follow the link and enjoy watching!

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