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Source: The Saami Council 

The Swedish government has just announced plans to open a new mine in Giron/Kiruna in pursuit of rare earth minerals for the European market. This announcement was made during Sweden's first EU presidency meeting, with the projected earnings being touted as a billion dollar bonanza for the Swedish Sweden miningstate.

However, it is important to note that the area of Kiruna has been heavily exploited by the mining industry for over a century. The proposed mine will divide a traditional area for Saami reindeer herding in Kiruna, effectively rendering their right to exercise their culture null and void. 

The justification for the mine is the conversion to a "green" economy and geopolitics.

The exploitation of our territories for the sake of "green economy" projects is a pervasive issue. The Saami lands are being disproportionately affected, with our land resources being used to justify and greenwash the unsustainable consumption habits of the Western world.

Please help spread awareness on this issue.

Stop green colonialism! 

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