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bocuse d orMonday 23 January. Today the world’s most prestigious competition among chefs has ended in Lyon and we congratulate Denmark to win the award, with Norway as second and Hungary as third. Congratulations to the chefs for joining the big Bosuce d’Or Winners family! 

Reindeer herders were also presented today at the main stage of Bocuse d’Or as the Jury for Social Commitment Prize which went to the team of Mexico. Andres Oskal, the Bocuse d’Or jury and Secretary General of World Reindeer Herders, commented: “Today the world is facing several sustainability challenges, food security is a major concern as we are now entering into one of t

Bocuse dOr menuhe largest food crisis we have seen in many years. There is also the challenge of climate change and social challenges arising from all of this. And to me taking part in this award has been a great joy and pleasure also because it gives some promise, we can see that chefs are able to change the world, as chefs are dealing with something so universal and important to us all - food” 


Reindeer herders and chefs presented the menu of reindeer products to the Bocuse d’Or Winners Dinner which was held on January 21st. 

NOMAD Indigenous FoodLab - Chef team

Mdm Inger Anita Smuk 
Mdm Elle Save Gaup
Mdm Alena Gerasimova 
Mr Johan J Gaup
Mr Per Thomas Oskal 

Menu NOMAD Indigenous FoodLab for Bocuse d'Or Winners Dinner (photo ICR)

 Special traditional reindeer sausage with meat served with reindeer broth

Reindeer bread with smoked reindeer meat and lingonberry

Reindeer pancakes with cream and cloudberry

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