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August 1-3, 2023 in Rauland. The research project Rášša with reindeer owners from Finnmark and landowners from Hardangervidda in a recent co-production of knowledge on Hardangervidda. "Managing, producing and negotiating reindeer landscapes – towards fair and sustainable use of land". A comparison of the management of areas in wild and domestic reindeer management. 

The aim of the workshop included exchange between landowners and reindeer herders about the management of reindeer and the reindeer's areas; exchange experiences and discussions about decision-making processes and conflict management related to reindeer and land use (from the perspective of landowners and reindeer owners). Participants also shared and discussed the project results in scientific articles. 

International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry is one of the partners of the project. 

The program included visit to Argehovd and Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre and Hardangervidda Centre. 

Photo: Kjell Bitustøyl

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