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rievdan article1Article within the Rievdan and EALLU project about traditional knowledge in sustainable reindeer husbandry is published in the third journal Arctic art and culture. 

In our views, the interaction between the traditional cultural knowledge and scientific thought is able to provide the preservation of cultural plurality and biological diversity of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the circumpolar Arctic as the base for their evolution and conservation of life support systems. In this aspect, the research activity is topical being part of the project Arctic Council EALLU/Rievdan project “The fast change is challenges or opportunities for the sustainable reindeer herding development”.

The major goal of this project is to study the cultural possibilities of reindeer husbandry and to educe its potential on the basis of the interaction between traditional and academic knowledge which facilitates the elaboration of the new, scientifically grounded evolution in reindeer herding industry. It implies that the working out of these mechanisms should be implemented taking into account regional and local peculiarities of reindeer husbandry and ethno-ecological characteristics providing the successful adaptation of the indigenous Arctic ethnos to the rapid changes in the Arctic. This project is aimed at unifying and interacting between two different but supplementary spheres of knowledge: the scientific and traditional ones. On the one hand, it stipulates the search for effective instruments by the representatives of the indigenous autochthonic Arctic peoples to promote their traditional knowledge based on practical skills, to preserve and develop the conventional lifestyle. On the other hand, this interaction helps to develop pioneering academic knowledge that is able to generate and systematise theoretical approaches in the field of ethnic culture, to allow describing natural and social processes adequately as well as forecast their further evolution.

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