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Koryak are a widely spread people numbering just over 9000. They are to be found in Kamchatka, Magadan, and Chukotka. Linguistically they are related to the Chukchi and they are also a reindeer herding peoples.

Like the Chukchi, those on the coast traditionally hunted sea mammals, while those inland practiced nomadic reindeer husbandry and hunting, moving from place to place using the Yaranga for shelter.

Koryak practiced intensive reindeer husbandry with large herds of several thousands animals. In 1993, the Koryakskiy Autonomous Okrug had ca. 200,000 reindeer, distributed within 11 collectives and some private herds. As in Chukotka, the number has since been drastically reduced and is still undergoing dramatic restructuring.

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