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In our views, the interaction between the traditional cultural knowledge and scientific thought is able to provide the preservation of cultural plurality and biological diversity of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the circumpolar Arctic as the base for their evolution and conservation of life support systems. In this aspect, the research activity is topical being part of the project Arctic Council EALLU/Rievdan project “The fast change is challenges or opportunities for the sustainable reindeer herding development”.

Вопросы развития оленеводства и меры господдержки оленеводам из числа коренных малочисленных народов Севера обсудили в Минсельхозе России. В совещании приняли участие Первый заместитель Министра Джамбулат Хатуов, Президент Ассоциации КМНСС и ДВ РФ Григорий Ледков и представители Координационного совета Ассоциации из северных и дальневосточных регионов.

Reindeer Herding news

In 2021-2023, the rotating chairmanship of the Arctic Council goes to Russia. correspondent Kristina Khramtsova interviews Professor Lev Voronkov from the Faculty of Integration Processes at Moscow’s State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and an expert on modern Arctic geopolitical issues, on the possible impact of sanctions on Russia’s work within the Arctic Council.

Глава МИД РФ Сергей Лавров на министерской сессии подчеркнул, что Россия открыта к тесному и конструктивному взаимодействию со всеми государствами-членами, постоянными участниками, наблюдателями Арктического совета, а также другими заинтересованными внерегиональными партнерами. Убеждены, что «дух сотрудничества», свойственный нашей организации, будет способствовать укреплению доверия и взаимопонимания в регионе в целом

Circumpolar Local Environmental Observer Network (CLEO): Summary Report

The Circumpolar LEO initiative has helped spur steady growth in LEO membership, a significant increase in contributions from observers in the Arctic, and major improvements to the online platform that have strengthened its usability and increased access to Arctic communities

The International Indian Treaty Council invites Indigenous food producers, knowledge and rights holders to an Indigenous Peoples Multi-regional Virtual Consultation in preparation for the United Nations Food Systems Summit

Is there a future for Arctic indigenous peoples in face of Arctic change?  

Reindeer Herding news

Building competence locally based on the best available knowledge, both Indigenous-based knowledge and science are important. The challenge for Indigenous people is that their traditional knowledge is not included in education and research in the Arctic, says Mikhail Pogodaev.

At the Arctic Frontiers 2021 conference, Joel Clement held the keynote for the “Building the future” panel. His inspirational speech was an ode to empowering youth and building a resilient Arctic – and a reflection on the discussions of the 2020 Arctic Resilience Forum.


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