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Last week ICR and WRH had the startup meeting in UN environment in Geneva with director Ersin Ersen to develop a new global management of landscapes and pastures. The management of reindeer pastures globally is broken and have to be fixed. All available knowldge also female reindeer herders traditional knowledge will be used in the new four years GEF project: Reindeer Herding and Resilience

Reindeer Herding news

Reindeer herders and experts were invited to the Environment House for a disscussion with UNEP Europe Office. 

The meeting will happend og Friday February 24 at 10 am and will also be streamed on Youtube. 

Few days ago, reindeer herder from Jokkmokk Mikael Kuhmunen found traces of someone shooting his reindeer on winter pastures close to Harads in Sweden. As he posted on his Facebook page: "A reindeer has been dragged to the road and most likely ended up in a car. Four reindeer have been shot and ran away bleeding into the forest"

Sáminuorra is the Sámi national youth organization in the Swedish part of Sápmi. Their aim is to promote and protect the interests and rights of Sámi youth. Sáminuorra is engaged in Sámi, national and international politics and advances the interests of their members, creates meeting places for the youth of the Sámi people and works to create the best possible conditions for the future. The organisation was founded in 1963 and this year celebrates its 60-years since establishment. 

January 31, Tromso, Polaris Cinema Hall. Book on Reindeer Husbandry Adaptation to the Changing Arctic (Vol 1) will be presented. Speakers: prof Svein D. Mathiesen (ICR), PhD candidate and reindeer herder Ravdna B.M.E. Sara (Sami Allaskuvla), Margaret Deignan (Springer), Anders Oskal (ICR) and PhD candidate Kia K. Hansen (UiT)

Nomad Indigenous Foodlab presented reindeer dishes within the Ovddos seminar in Kautokeino 

Monday 23 January. Today the world’s most prestigious competition among chefs has ended in Lyon and we congratulate Denmark to win the award, with Norway as second and Hungary as third. Congratulations to the chefs for joining the big Bosuce d’Or Winners family! 

KRONIKK: Et varmere klima gjør at myndighetene må tenke nytt om forvaltningen av reindriften. Løsningen kan finnes i samisk tradisjonell kunnskap, skriver kronikkforfatterne

Yesterday reindeer herding and Indigenous youth continued the negotiation workshop at the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, with the first part of the workshop held in Arendal in August 2022. 


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